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        DefenPol China2025 the 7th Guangzhou International Defense and Police Exhibition&Summit 

        11-12 July 2025

        Nan Fung International Convention  &  Exhibition Center(NICEC)


    Co-Organizer: Shenzhen Defense Science and Technology Industry Association

    Department of International Cooperation(National Development and Reform Commission PRC)
    Department of International Cooperation(Ministry of Commerce of the PRC)
    Equipment Development Department of PRC Central Military Commission--(pending)
    Science and technology of PRC Central Military Commission--(pending)
    Training department of PRC Central Military Commission--(pending) 
    China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp(CASIC) 
    China Shipbuilding Industry Corp(CSIC)
    China North Industries Group(CNGC) 

    Estimated Scale:250 exhibitors /6000 sqm /7000 professional audienceS 

    Overseas partners:Interpolitex Expo(one of global Military Police Expo, UFI Certification)

    ISDEF Expo (Israel-Creative Nation) /ISE Expo/SOFEX Expo/Interpol World Expo 

    Organizer: Bayern Messe 

    In recent years, China vigorously promote civil-military integration, it is the urgent need of enriching countries, promoting economic transformation to upgrade, building an innovative country and achieving the transformation from big industry country to strong industry country. Now, it has become our national strategy. On July 21 2016, a file < Views on the integration of economic construction and national defense construction>,which was published by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission, points out that the integration aims to form an all-elements, multi-field and high-efficiency deepening integrative development pattern, so that the economic construction can provide a more abundant material basic for national defense construction, meanwhile national defense construction can provide stronger security for economic construction.

    zhanhui1 (1).jpg 

    DefenPol China Summit

    National defense science and technology industry is a natural carrier of civil-military integration, we must adhere to the army in the people in correct direction, root in national science technology and industrial base, integrate into the national "great security, great defense system," and the national economic system, promote civil-military integration of national defense science and technology industry in various fields and high efficiency, promote military opening, attracting high quality resources to participate in the construction for national defense science and technology industry; Developing civil-military industry to optimize structure. Playing a role in national economic social development and national diplomatic strategy, promoting it "going out".


    As the core of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay, Guangdong is the natural resource with many high-tech industries and traditional manufacturing, In response to strategy of civil-military integration, DefenPol China came out under this background, providing a communication and display platform for government departments, national defense , army, armed police, PSB, customs, frontier defense, prison, port, enterprise, association, media et cetera. We Will invite the following units: Central Military Commission Joint Staff, Equipment Development Department, Logistics Support Department, Military Academy of Sciences, CAS, Arms(Navy, Army, Air Force, Rocket Army)Equipment department,Strategic support force, Armed police, Army Equipment Research Institute, Military academy;NDRC, SASAC, MIIT, MOST, National defense bureau, Aerospace, Boat, weapons, Electronics military groups and affiliated enterprises and research institutes;The national defense bureau cooperation center、Military security qualification examination and certification center, etc. The PLA navy south sea fleet, Southern theatert,eastern theater,Military Group,GPPSD,Guangzhou Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau,Armed police Command Academy, etc.

    Overseas Promotion

    The exhibition has gradually bring overseas resources, devote to make DefenPol China as an exhibition of China‘s top civil-military integration expo. There are exhibitors from past edition: Norinco, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp, CEPREI, CETC, Haige Communications, China Xinxing, NUCTECH, Kuang-Chi, KF Manufacture , TRGEAR, Shanghai University, Tarran, Top Power, Smart Drone, AXD, etc. 

    3-b .jpg


    Civil-military integration technology comprehensive area: 

    defense electronics

    optic-mechanical integration

    command and control system

    infrared technology

    radar system

    military field equipment

    national defense patent

    industrial control products

    fire control system

    information system

    multimedia display devices  

    special vehicles

    communications equipment


    3D printing

    Other field:

    Police Equip,

    Military medical

    Military energy

    National defense informatization  

    Defense new material

    Military analogue simulation

    Special labor protection

    Military training

    Security unmanned systems 


    Cyber security


    Military communication & GNSS & & DSQC      

    Military logistics

    Military training

    Military packaging

    Environmental protection

    Military packaging

    Environmental protection

    Military training

    Military packaging

    Environmental protection

    Military training

    Military packaging

    Environmental protection

    Shell Scheme Standard  Booth




        3 unit Panels

        1 unit Reception desk

        2 unit Folding chairs

        1 unit Carpet

        1 unit Socket(550W/220V)

        1 unit Waste basket

        Fascia Name Board 

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